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Chris kingsmore
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05/03/2020 10:53 pm  

So not sure what to say but having a major issue. Try and put all the details in


4 series Eloquencer previously working fine on Trogotronic powered his boards with plenty of amps to spare. 

bought EME, which originally had power but wasn’t recognized. 

cheked all the steps, connections to a “4 series” model,updated and even had them functioning for like two sessions.


niw every time I turn on my rack the Eloquencer rapidly goes from its start menu to “Channel F gates” with all gates tied and non operation of most buttons. The EME now has no lights or power seemingly. 

sooooo....did I get I lemon or did I do something wrong here?

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06/03/2020 7:10 am  

Hi Chris!

If you can see the initial screen the Eloquencer is not bricked.

If the Eloquencer leaves the initial status screen and jumps to tracks F and all the gates are tied it seems a problem related with buttons.

There are 3 parallel to serial registers that are reading the buttons state, for some reason one of this registers have stopped working so it is giving false reading of buttons (like F track has been pressed or steps are held to create a TIE)

Please contact and we will tell you on how to proceed.