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Eloquencer live performance - tips and tricks  


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26/11/2019 6:30 pm  

Hello everyone,

I'm a proud owner of an Eloquencer since last month (yeaaaaah) and I have a lot of fun using it, creating pattern and sequencing stuff with it, but I wonder how to use create a liveset with it because changing pattern means changing all tracks at the same time...

So I don't know how to manage transitions between songs... :/

For now I thought about different options (see below), I have not tried them all, they all have pros and cons but probably some of you have found better ways to do it than me! 🙂

1. using an external audio looper to make a smooth transition between tracks

2. creating special pattern mixing tracks from 2 pattern (ex: track A B C from pattern 1 and track D E F from pattern 2)

3. Using a second sequencer to sequence more stuff to create transition between eloquencer tracks

Also if you have general tips and tricks about the Eloquencer in live situation, feel free to share! 🙂

Thanks in advance


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27/11/2019 5:18 am  

Hello ! I think this is a nice thread

i have recently played a complete theater soundtrack (my first real modular show too) using the elo AND the eme. 50 minutes of music made from around 10 different « cues » that had to crossfade from one to the other, so I completely understand your questions because i find it tricky too !! Haha

First of all patching multi-function voices helped me a lot. I mean voices that could change drastically with single patch cable or gate triggering certain modulator on or off to change the sound of like 2 voices a lot.  It really worked, made me more creative in patching the synth.  Recording pitch/gate on the elo therefore was helpful because I could think of, say, using pattern 16 as the one to use for breaking the song down and triggering these gates or switches while I loaded a new song.

my plan was therefore to patch multi purpose voices where I could trig major changes also with modulation sources, and the elo’s LFOs helped me.  The eme is nice because you can use a midi controller to easily turn on/off the LFOs per track (see youtube), entering  menu for enabling LFOs with the rotary encoder is not very “playable” but with a controller becomes really fun

so I would use the LFOs (or gates)to trigger some bold modulation on effects for example and then change song while my synth was opening long enveloppes that could give me the time needed to switch song. I wanted to use the tap tempo sometimes to slow down and break the ending of a pattern sequence but the tap tempo is still not working properly on my version of the firmware at least, it sometimes jumps to 4 digits numbers making the elo go crazy.

here are some things I tried/thoughts:

- the elo is a really powerful using the eme because is it the « playable » addition to the elo(more on that below) you can patch à midi keyboard and with one button, engage the midi rec recording one a single track to record new improvised loops or play mode to just play something while you stop the elo and load song.

-i mostly chose to program riffs (patterns) and to play the different sections using the chain mode or the eme’s next pattern/previous pattern. so I would start playing only the first pattern and chaining other patterns on and off. I liked it because of the big lights easily visible. So that’s where I tried to use pattern 16 as the one for breaking down

The eme is mandatory to change to song mode or pattern mode. it is much easier accessing the song menu with one button ! Especially because when you get to the song mode you still have to press the encoder twice to load a song (firmware 1.3.x)

- for song transition  I tried hard cuts, loading a new song exactly on a beat.  Kinda works, but i think song loading should be synced to clock, but it is not (to my knowledge), Maybe Eloi could  program this in the future  ?

of course using a sampler/or other type of synths to patch the holes in a set is a good way to switch songs but I found that the real challenge is to stay inside the modular. Probably the toughest thing to do on a modular is to have many songs in a set but it is making us more creative.

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27/11/2019 9:49 am  
Posted by: @kilowatt

Maybe Eloi could  program this in the future  ?

Do you mean song loading or project loading? I think song loading is in sync. If you mean Project loading, I note it, I will try, I think there was something related with a time interrupt that didn't allow to do so but I can try again.

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29/11/2019 2:41 pm  


oops, I wrote song loading, but I meant Project loading !  yeah that would be soooo nice for playing live because I could break to a different tempo instantaneously, on a downbeat for example.  Or maybe at the end of a pattern/part.

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30/07/2020 8:32 pm  

This would be great, a really wanted feature for live performance.
It could even change to the same tempo, because it's easier to change tempo while the set is playing than to load a project exactly on beat.

Thank you in advance!