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Feature Request - AUX out and/or CLOCK out: OR logic of selected tracks, CV1/2 as clock input for tracks  


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17/06/2020 7:53 am  


i currently try to expand the idea of the new interesting toy on the playfield.

would it be possible to add a OR gate logic of selected tracks from AUX out and Clock out?

AUX out sends OR Logic from track a,b,c gate status
CLOCK out sends OR Logic from track a,c,f,g,h

this with 16 steps gate on/off would be much more interesting than the 4steps of ...

thinking now of it - if the CV1 and CV2 inputs would be able to set as gate trigger for a certain (other) track would create a 16step  version

OR combination of gate of a combination of track a,b,c,d,e,f to Aux out patched to CV1 to trigger track G as 16step sequencer 1 with probability and random pitch

OR combination of gate of a combination of track a,b,c,d,e,f to Clock out patched to CV2 to trigger track H as 16step sequencer 2

did the OR combination in VCV of course but the latency is killing me and i dont want to block the distings just for a OR...!
elo -> es9 in ->vcv ->es9 out -> dfam etc...


thank you


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25/06/2020 9:26 am  

Hi Mario !

Many thanks for the feedback and suggestions ! 🙂

Will study it for future firmware updates