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Feature request - chords?  


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21/10/2020 11:42 am  

First off I have to say I absolutely love my Eloquencer, I can't *ever* see it coming out of the case.  It makes the most sense to me of any programmable sequencer and you have made it so user friendly it is crazy.  I use the EME and a Midi Fighter Twister and I can literally get lost for hours just noodling 😀

Apologies if I trip myself up over music theory or if this doesn't make sense, am a n00b to music late in life 😉

I have an Acid Rain Chainsaw in my case and am currently playing chords on it through 3 separate tracks on the Eloquencer.

Would it be possible to add some kind of chord support to the Eloquencer?  It would be a killer feature I reckon.  One way of having it work might be to have one track as the root for the chord and then assign tracks below it to be part of a chord (3rd, 5th, 7th etc but selectable, so maybe Track A = root, Track B = 5th, Track C =11th etc) so tying a number of tracks to the 'root track', you could then play the pattern you want on the root and have the chords play off that. Then you could create root/3/5 chords or root/7/11 or whatever combination you want (some controlled form of random would be awesome!).

You could have things like chord quality, inversions etc as options on the root track with the ability to be able to control them via the CV in 1&2.  I'm just imagining being able to being able to control it like an Instruo Harmonaig or WMD Arpitecht/Triad combo on my Midi Fighter Twister, soooooooo cool

Another cool thing would be to be able to choose if the chord tracks either follow the gate/tie/length/var prob/ratchet etc of the root track (so when a gate is fired on the root track it fires the identical gate on all the chord tracks) or choose to allow the chord tracks to have their own gates (so you can bring notes in and out of a chord independently, ratchet them, vary gate length etc). 

I think it might have uses outside of chords too thinking about it.  Having independent gates but with the CVs all related back to a root track would make it easier for "music theory challenged people" (of which I am certainly one) to create musically related sequences on independent oscillators that make musical sense rather than just being 'in scale' I think.  If you had the ability to have Track A as your root in a particular scale and then had Track B as maybe the 3rd, if you could shift octaves you could then have your bassline CV on Track B follow your melody on Track A/root but gate it independently.  If you had a sparsely populated root track then your chord tracks could be based off the last played CV on your root maybe, kind of like S&H across the tracks?

Does any of this make sense? 😀