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How to save your work?  


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20/09/2020 12:34 pm  

Hi everyone, 

Just picked up my Eloquencer and enjoying the easy work flow, though how does one save their work? 

Ok so I just want to go back to the pattern I was working on before I shut my system down tried Function>Pattern ? no save there? do I need to copy it to a new pattern? like from A1 to B1? argh 🙁 is that saving it? 

Any help here would be greatly appreciated, the manual seems to cover everything but this simple thing. 


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21/09/2020 5:03 pm  

Hi @trent !

You save your work when you save the project.

Let's say you are in PROJECT A1 (the default one). You create and modify up to 64 patterns ( you can change from one pattern to the other in FUNC + PATTERN  section, or using the FUNC + encoder shortcut, or using the custom EME (Eloquencer MIDI Expansion) buttons)

Once you patterns are ready to be saved, you go to FUNC + PROJECT (hold) and you save there.  At that point the Eloquencer saves the Project into the micro SD card. You can save up to 128 projects (128 projects x 64 patterns means that you can save 8192 patterns in one micro SD card)

Then you power off the synth.

When you power up the synth the Eloquencer will read PROJECT A1 (the last one you edit) and you will have access to PROJECT A1, that means the 64 patterns included in PROJECT A1, but also, many other things that are saved in a project (like scales, CV in assignments, song parts, songs, an many other).

I hope this information can help you