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Notes out of scale when randomize  


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20/10/2020 7:14 am  

Hi guys,

Can you please check if you have the same behavior?

- Scale set to C major

- Scale Grp assignment set correctly to Grp 1

- In Random mode deselected everything but CV

Now when I randomize I get notes outside of the scale represented on the grid, notes like A#, F#etc. When checking the outputted notes on my tuner, the notes are actually correct and within the chosen scale. So it's just the graphical representation that is wrong and that's quitte annoying. 





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20/10/2020 10:27 am  

Hi @daduk,

This is the expected behavior.

Imagine the scale filtering as a box that the eloquencer has just before the CV output. It converts any note that he receives into a note within the scale. It does not pretend to be a destructive parameter that changes the sequence, it is just a filter at the end of the CV chain.

Randomize function just randomizes the desired parameters. In the CV case no matter which scale you have selected, it just randomize, and then the scale filters the notes at the end of the chain. That's why you can listen de notes in tune.

There are two possibly solutions (both imply a change in the software that is not currently planned): 1) activate the scale filtering when randomizing sequences, so the randomized CV will be within the scale, or 2) create a 'consolidate' functionality that move all notes to scale notes. Will study the possibility to include any of these functionalities.

Thanks for the feedback!


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20/10/2020 10:34 am  

Ok Elo,


Thanks for your reply, as long as it outputs the correct notes it's workable for me. And of course even better if you can add this in a later update. Cheers!