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Reset issue. Possibly being stupid  


Guy Brewer
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21/03/2020 12:11 pm  

So I’m changing some things around in my system, trying to make the process of clocking everything as simple as possible. 

up until now I’ve had a Kenton Solo sending clock into the eloquencer, then I’d use eloquencers clock out and reset to drive other sequencers.

however, now I want to send midi clock to a Erica Drum sequencer, then use the Erica’s clock out to clock eloquencer, and the eloquencer’s aux out to send a reset pulse to it’s own reset input at stop, keeping everything nice and synced.. 

im really failing at this tho, am I not using the right settings? 

options rst in : rst trigg

aux mode : trig reset on stop


would really appreciate some help! 



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21/03/2020 3:23 pm  

Hi @guy-brewer,

I'm not sure if I understand the reason to auto-reset the Eloquencer. If there is no problem in the clock both sequencers should go synced for ever.

When using the Eloquencer as a slave the reset input is normally used to follow the master play/stop state.

Do you want to sync the Erica Drum Sequencer with Eloquencer, and when you press play/stop in the EDS the Eloquencer follows ?

I don't have an EDS but checking its manual I found this: "RST - Reset out. You can configure the 16th trigger out to work as a reset out. It will send out a trigger signal when the sequencer will be stopped"

If this output sends a trigger when you press stop you should choose the following configuration in the Eloquencer: 'FUNC + OPTIONS > Rst in : trigger on stop' , and send the EDS 16th trigger to the Eloquencer reset input. (and also the EDS clock out to the Elo clk in, as you are already doing)

Let me know if that worked.


Guy Brewer
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21/03/2020 4:31 pm  

@wintermodular well there you go.. sorted. Exactly, I just wanted everything to return to start of sequence on pressing stop.

i had no idea about the hidden reset out  on the EDS. Working perfectly now.. thanks for your help!