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Switching between Patterns of different divisions delays pattern change  


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24/07/2020 3:51 am  

I am finding that whenever I switch between a Pattern set to /1 in Step mode to a Pattern set to /4 in Step mode, the transition is not smooth and it gets out of time. There is always a delay on the last step. It does not matter if I am set to change on Part or Pattern. I am on the beta firmware. Thanks

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24/07/2020 11:16 am  

Hi @kevin,

I think I tested that feature with 'track reset configuration' active, so I couldn't detect the de-sync.

I have done a quick fix that I need to test more in deep, will publish a new beta soon. Meanwhile, if it suits you, you can work with 'reset track config' active in the divided track, the secundary effect is that the divided track will start from the beginning every time you change pattern, you also can use the 'reset : first' in the desired pattern ( FUNC + PATTERN (hold) > reset)