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23/03/2020 12:53 am  

I've just bought an Eloquencer (from ebay) They've got it running firmware 1.3.8

I program in a Cmaj chord one one track. (maj - major, min - minor) in the order C-E-G when set to Cmaj scale.
I then change it to a Cmin scale.
Notes get moved/transposed to the nearest note.
if the note programmed is not in the new scale. moving from Cmaj to Cmin gets transposed up. C-E-G becomes C-F-G
whilst its correctly playing a new minor scale it does not sound minor, but the theory of it fits.
I'd rather it transposes down for minor. C-E-G to C-Eb/D#-G then the notes are playing from the correct chord programmed

If a programmed note which will always be what you set it at, is not in the scale then the individual note is moved to the nearest note in the selected scale.
I want it to move note(s) down for minor.
but my first test it moved up.

This is just one line playing the notes separately in the inversion order of what I put above 1st 3rd 5th

@wintermodular Is there any way to change the behaviour for this?

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23/03/2020 8:52 am  

Hi @rickdawson,

I have seen your message in facebook first and I have answered there, I copy the answer here:
The algorithm that search for notes inside an scale works as follows, check if the current note is inside the scale, if not +1 semitone, check if it is in the scale, yes-> note found, no -> -1 semi tone...
So in this case F is a note inside the C minor scale.
If you want to change from CM chord or triad to Cm chord ( not scale) you might use the scale called triad M or triad m or create a user scale.

let me know if this make sense for you.