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07/09/2019 2:10 pm  

Hello! I had one suggestion for better ease of programming individual CV steps. Would it be possible to highlight currently selected steps on the screen? Sometimes when programming CV, its easy to think you are programming a certain step but you are holding the step button next to it. Maybe the steps held could be underlined or outlined on the screen?

Also, would it be possible to highlight the steps of a current pattern as they play through the sequence on the OLED screen in a similar way? Sometimes, when there are many sequences playing at a time with different step lengths, direction, etc it can be hard to quickly pinpoint a step you want to change since the OLED screen is static and the buttons and matrix are animated. Maybe when you are making changes in this way, when a button is held for editing, the "stepping through" could stop and just highlight the currently selected steps.


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11/09/2019 12:19 pm  

Hi ddoyen! Many thanks for the feedback !

At the beginning we thought in some similar methode to have feedback on the step that was being edited, and also though on showing the playhead in the OLED screen, but at the end we discarded it in order to avoid excesive screen refreshments.

We note it and I will study the possibility to implement this.

Cheers !