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06/06/2019 2:14 pm  

I have an idea that would work well with the EME due to the extra buttons.  have some way to per track select a per track step length (maybe select track, then hold shift then press track length.  then you can use the encoder to dial in the step #s you want or just press button 1-4 on EME for quick selection of even 16 step groups .  on the EME have button 1,2,3,4 represent 16,32,48,64.  when a track is selected the button for the number of steps is blinking so you know the length (I'm sure there could be some way to do odd numbered steps but i'm in my head workshopping some basic ideas.  on the screen the playhead would work as normal.  say for example when you want a 32 step sequence.  set it for which ever track.  the screen shows steps 1-16 and button one is blinking or something on the eme.  press button 2 on EME and then that track shows what you enter for steps 17-32.  

this would be easy and fast and a quick way on the fly to this rather than create a pattern then copy and duplicate then edit.  

to be even quicker for my idea..  if you have a 16 step sequence and you want to make it say 32 steps.. have an option so that when you select the longer step length it automatically copies what you have for the first 16 then u can press button 2 on EME and edit steps 17-32.  

the way i use the eloquence and i know many others would like to use it is totally on the fly and improvised.  it is fast and lends itself well for live techno or other performers that don't want to save songs and all that.  

i think a lot of people would LOVE to have this work this way




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07/06/2019 9:47 am  

Good point Miguel.

I also own an Erica Synths Drum Sequencer and they have indeed two modes if you have more than 16 steps:

A follow mode where the 4 bars scroll through the actual page while playing and a mode in which you stay in one bar and you can select the next bar you want to edit manually.

The thing with pattern chaining is nice, but you always look at your track pattern for pattern. Sometimes it is better for the flow to compose over more bars without having to leave the pattern and go to the next one. 


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17/06/2019 10:26 am  
Posted by: Maikschott

That's on my wishlist:

Real Pattern length variable up to 64 steps with an option to view the bars scrolling while playing / recording.

I miss that function whenever I try to program longer melody sequences on the fly. 

I feel the same would make a massive difference for me. I almost always use a minimum of 32 steps when making patterns so It is feeling quite unnatural to have to build longer patterns with multiple 16 steps. 

The way the Elektron drum sequencer works, which I used to have, is pretty good.

It would be my perfect sequencer with longer track lengths by default. 

Otherwise I will have to just get used to creating pattern chains. 

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