Arpeggiator feature
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Arpeggiator feature  


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03/04/2020 8:03 am  

Just some random (maybe stupid) idea.

Adding an option to the MIDI IN configuration to enable arpeggiator for a specific or the focused track.

Option for

- direction of the arp (up/dwn/up-dwn/rnd/...) (could be cycled on a dedicated EME button)

- clock division of the arp

- hold arp on/off (could be put on a dedicated EME button)

expected result: hitting a chord on a connected MIDI keyboard would play the arp on the focused track, disabling the internal sequencer CV and GATE.


Please don't stress this a feature request - I'm just tossing around random ideas...

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06/04/2020 5:45 pm  

Hi @mightycoco !

Thanks for the feature request, I like it too ! 🙂

It won't be in the upcoming FW release, but I will note to consider for future updates.

Thanks !