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Launch Control XL as an EME controller  


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07/09/2019 6:44 pm  

I wanted to share this prototype I'm working on. I may also create a StyleFlip skin and will share that, too.

I'm not sure how to add images, or if we can, so below is a link to a photo of the prototype controls layout. This uses 4 user mode mappings configured in the Launch Control XL Editor and saved to the hardware. Once all the mappings are done, I will share the sysex files. 

Launch Control XL Eloquencer Controller Prototype (Photo)

The first three templates are per-channel CV, Gate, and Ratchet control. Potentiometer rows are described below.

  1. Core "Add" functions
  2. Random Add or Track Length in ratchet mode
  3. CV: Track Shift, GT: Length Probability, Ratchet: Track Clock Division

Probability is not labeled for each template because it's common to the faders for all three.


  1. Add Resets 
  2. Mute (CV), Probability Reset (Gate/Ratchet)
  3. [Right side] CV-GT link (CV), Gate Length Probability Reset (Gate), Fill (Ratchet)

The fourth template is for Global settings. Only some of the top pots are used for global CV Add, Shuffle, Tempo, and Clock Out Multiply/Divide. The second and third row of pots are for per-track Scale and Scale Root. Faders are not used in this mode (yet?). Buttons are for global CV Add Reset, track clear, copy, paste, duplicate, freeze, revert, DJ nudge (coarse and fine), MIDI Rec mode, and Free Play mode. Right side buttons are not used in this mode (yet?).

This is my first draft and is subject to change, which is why I'm not sharing sysex templates yet. I wanted to share the idea ahead of time in case anyone else is thinking about external MIDI controllers and looking for ideas.

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11/09/2019 10:57 am  

Hi @afturmath !

Sorry for the late reply ! we have been out of the office for some days (at last!!).
That's great !! Many thanks for sharing this ! That was the main reason to create the forum !

we will keep an eye on it!