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12/10/2020 6:19 pm  

Hi winter modular,

I have a problem with unwanted midi signals from my launchpad arriving on the eloquencer. My setup is a ableton live sending the clock through the launchpad pro midi out to the eloquencer.

When i press the buttens 40, 70, or 95 on the launchpad to operate things in ableton the sequencer gets the signals too.

Where can i set that only the midiclock is arriving and the cc get ignored?

And is it possible to get the clock via midi and operate the eloquencer via a usb midi controller?

Thank you for your help..

All the best tizian


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14/10/2020 3:24 pm  

hi @tizian !
it can't be deactivated but if you find it useful I can try to add it for the next firmware update.