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[Sticky] new confinement Eloquencer beta version  

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15/09/2020 4:02 pm  


enjoying the beta so far. quick inquiry I'm having issues using CV to control pattern change from this section in the draft:

Add new CV in features 
–  next/previous pattern (trigger) 
–  next/previous part (trigger) 
–  pattern change (CV) 
FUNC + OPTIONS > CV in assign
Cant really seem to get it to repeat a consistent change via CV or Trigger. And the Mod Config page is a bit confusing on what to choose as far as Pattern vs Part, and are there other global settings that need to be configured for it all to work seamlessly. 
Can you give a quick step by step on how to configure the settings in the mod page & speak on what CV range/type will have the desired effect?
Maybe a demo tutorial video on the this?

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16/09/2020 5:39 pm  

Hi @sunfalls !

If you want to jump between patterns in a Previous/Next style you just need to send a trigger in the desired CV input. For example you configure CV input 1 as 'PREV PATT' and CV input 2 as 'NEXT PATT' (Remember to check that the 0/10 -5/5 configuration is the same in the physical rear switch and in the SW configuration). Then if you send a trigger in CV in 2 you will jump to the next pattern, if you send a trigger in CV in 1 you will go to the previous pattern.

The other way to change the pattern using the CV inputs is choosing 'PATT CHANGE' in one of the CV inputs. and then sending a voltage to that input. You can use the scaler paramater as an attenuator. Let's say you choose 'PATT CHANGE' in CV input 1, this input is configured in both, physical and sofware switch, at 0/10, if the scaler is set to 64 and you send 0 Volts you will be in A1, if you send 10V you will be somewhere around D16. If the scaler is set to 32 and you send 0 Volts you will be in A1, if you send 10V you will be somewhere around B16.  Scaler to 16: pattern change from A1 to A16.

Please let me know if that worked for you

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26/09/2020 12:27 am  

hey Eloi, using this firmware, so when i have a track on different steps 1-16 and then i change to say 1-8 with 8 being last step.. I clear the track.. the track clears on the led screen but the buttons from 9-16 on steps still on.


Also do you know if there a way to use midi to change the track, ie say on on track A then use CC to change to track B or any other track based on CC?


Thank You

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08/10/2020 3:44 pm  

I had a problem unit that was replaced and works now works perfectly. I've reinvigorated my investment into WM. My question is to the group-- who else would rather wait for the next stable firmware update with some of the more pressing song writing capabilities added?

As far as I can tell the essential items that are sequencer specific, not neccesarily Elo specific, that appear to missing (correct me if I'm wrong)
1. Arp mode
2. Shuffle per step
3. Unique QWERTY naming of patterns, songs, projects (projects at the very least)

4. Unquantized cv/gate with hard next step or slew/glide to each step from value (I've noticed that my last unit did glide notes when simply using Elo to pass midi from ableton but recording that as we know does not work.
5. Glide in general

I understand we can't ask for the moon and we understood the features, magic, and limitations of the device when we purchased. But if we're updating I'd rather wait for the things that we all keep asking for. At the bare minimum the list above which seems to raise eye brows when people ask "does it have that?" and I have to say no.
My eloquencer has a second expander port-- I would be willing to pay, or wait as long as determined, for another add-on that maybe sat on the bottom of my unit, or 1u tile, or simply an update, or anything really to add what we need to make this the perfect sequencer. We're so close I can taste it.
Or if it's not too much to ask does anyone in the group know how to code who can help explain how we get the necessary features, or why it is we can't get them in the next update?

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11/11/2020 7:33 am  

Don't know if this was already reported. The Transpose settings aren't stored, even when saving the MIDI settings.

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22/11/2020 9:08 am  

Hi, just thought I'd chime in here re: CV IN recording. The behavior I'm seeing is very strange - its as if there is a slew on the voltage coming into the CV ins.  The best example I can think of is very straightforward: If I hook my keystep pro directly to a triggered voice, it plays perfectly.  If I hook the keystep pro up to the CV ins on the eloquencer, it seems like it takes it a bit to "catch up" with where the note is.  If I play two notes an octave apart, then they will not be correct - it's odd, if I play something like C3 C3 C4 C4 the second C3 will be the only accurate one, the first C4 will play either a C3 or note so very slightly above C3, and the second one will be C4, as it should be.  

This is weird to talk about so I'll try a (bad) text illustration:

KEYSTEP   (CV IN)     C3     C4    C4    C3    C3    C4    C4
ELOQUENCER            C3     C3+  C4    C4-   C3    C3+   C4

It's almost as if it's picking up the gate just enough before the CV - like sub-MS timing - that it's recording the prior CV, or recording it in the middle of a sub-MS transition.  

This isn't just the keystep that does this, I've used no less than 4 separate sequencers/keyboards to try this.  All behave this same way.

I think an option for a very miniscule delay before recording the CV in after receiving the gate signal may address this, if what I think is happening is actually what's happening.... It's either that, or there's some slew setting I've missed on the eloquencer itself.

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