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Another Feature Request or Expansion Question...

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Hi there, I hope this is an appropriate place to request features in new firmware, or ask about expanders. 

I've built a drum machine within my case. 8 tracks runs out pretty quickly for me with four oscillators, 3 drums, and an 8-track sampler. I started looking at adding a Metron but it just seems ridiculous. Any plan for firmware + expander since the new drum machine was released? I know the Eloquencer and I don't want to add another machine.



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Hi @davedied !

It is the place 🙂

Do you mean if there is any plan to add a new expander that will add more outputs / tracks ? or if there will be more firmware updates in the future ?

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Since we are talking about extra features, here are some that I would like 🙂

1. CVP input

The manual says that the voltage will be added to the curret CV variation probability, but from my testing this doesn't seem to be what it's doing. The voltage at the input replaces whatever probability is set in the sequencer. Is this a bug or is this a mistake in the manual?

Anyway, I think that screen could be used to give a better feedback of what is happening when using the CVP or any other probability cv input. I would change it so that when looking at the probability page, the bars for each step should
- all be replaced by a single number if the CV value replaces the internal value or
- change height if the CV value is added to the internal value

Also, if we set both inputs to the same parameter and the same channel, the eloquencer ignores CV2 and only uses CV1. I think that the interface should prevent you from doing that by greying out or marquing by an X the channels that are already being modulated

2. Mute Bin

If both CV inputs are set to mute bin, only CV2 works, even if the CV inputs are assigned to different tracks. I don't have any use for this personaly, but it feels like a bug.

3. Many CV inputs parameters can't be assigned to tracks

NONE, PREV PATT, NEXT PATT, PREV PART, NEXT PART and PATT CHANGE can all be assigned to specific tracks, even if it doesn't make any sense for those parameters. This doesn't effect the behavior of the eloquencer but it makes for a messier interface. I think track assignment should be removed for those parameters.

4. PATTERN CHANGE using cv

Once you use CV to select which pattern to play, pattern mode isn't really usefull anymore. Trying to move to another pattern will breifly change the next pattern on the screen and revert back to the pattern selecting by the cv input. I would change it so that when PATTERN CHANGE via cv is used, pressing a pattern would change the pattern to edit instead of trying to change the pattern in play.

5. Part change at the end of the part doesn't seem to work?

When I am in play parts mode, the parts always change at the end of the current pattern, no matter the option that I selected for Part change. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can't tell

6. PART CHANGE using cv (pls)

I really would like to change Parts via cv the same way that PATTERN CHANGE via cv works. This would open so many doors in my opinion. Pattern via cv is already powerfull but parts via cv would be next level.

7. So many cool features that are only available using CC values!

There are so many parameters that can be changed by CC values buy not by the CV inputs, such as
- Track lenght start and stop
- Step mode
- Step mode rep
- All the LFO parameters
- Randomising 1 or 3 layers
- Freeze and Revert

And I am sure I am missing a few

I really would like to have acces to those without having to buy CV to MIDI converter and then using the EME to make it work.

8. CV input expander

As you can probably tell by now, I'm a big fan of the controlling the eloquencer via CV, and two inputs just isn't enough (for me anyways haha)! I am already using MUTE BIN and PATT CHANGE all the time, and I would really like to have acces to more.

I my wildest dream I would like another expander similar to the EME : 6hp with four custom buttons, but with something like 10(!) extra CV inputs instead of the midi connections.


Thanks for reading through all this! I hope I was clear