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CV Keyboard Pitch Encoding  

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Apologies if this is documented somewhere already and I've just missed it. But I have a MIDI keyboard with CV output which I often use for playing my eurorack. I'd really find it convenient if I could plug it into the CV 1 or 2 inputs and use it while programming a sequence to select the pitch I want to encode on a step. It might also be nice to be able to plug my gate output into the other CV input to also (optionally) encode a gate length. Is this already possible? Or could it be a feature request for a future version of the firmware?


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Have you checked the version 1.3.9? You can use the two CV inputs to record gates and CVs, or you can use EME (Eloquencer MIDI Expansion) to edit notes using a MIDI keyboard.

-New LIVE REC mode: GATE1 CV2. Records gates and Cvs using the two CV inputs. Gate in CV in 1 and CV in CV in 2. Find it in FUNC + LIVE REC >CV IN GATE1 CV

-Possibility to change notes using a MIDI keyboard. Being in CV step edition mode and pressing a keyboard key while holding the desired step