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Deleting projects lights behaviour

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When going to the "project" menu, if I use the delete function on a stored project, the operation executes but the LED stay on.  So it looks like the procedure did not work.  It will only disappear when you load another project...this is kind of weird :).

I just cleared a project I wanted to keep because managing project is not so easy and clear yet. Anything in the new firmware to address that ?

something in the display like: "do you want to paste project A3?" or "do you want to clear project A15?"

I even tried to delete a project, and immediately use the COPY/PASTE to another slot, and it pastes the deleted project onto a new slot and the LED turns off on the previous slot, just like a "move" function.




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Hi kW !

The color code is:
orange : occupied project
green : focused project (copy paste and clear will act over this selection)
red: loaded project (the current project that is in the RAM memory)

When you clear a project it automatically load the new empty project, so it shows the button in red, showing that the loaded project is the one you just have delete.

If it helps I can try to add the project name in the security question.