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Eloquencer not Powering up trying to install firmware

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Hi All,
I have an Eloquencer and recently purchased the EME for it.  The device was on v1.20, so after reading saw that I needed to get it to 1.30 and then 1.38.  Upon connecting it to my Windows laptop, it did not recognize on the first attempt, switched com ports and it was recognized.  Attempted the firmware updater, and it failed.  I figured the usb cable I grabbed might have been the problem, so swapped cables.  Device will not power up now.  Any help is welcome!
Side note, is it possible to update just through the SD card??


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Most of the time this problem can be solved re-updating the firmware. It is what we call semi-bricked. You just need to update again.

It is possible we have spoken via support e-mail? so I assume it is solved now.