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Free Play/Keyboard Transpose

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I apologize if this has been asked elsewhere, if so, please link me to the answer. I've noticed that there are graphics indicating which button corresponds to a black or white key in "Free Play" mode. Is this set in stone or is it possible to change the first key on the bottom row from a C note into a B for example? This would be very helpful for accommodating different melodic lines. I'm considering purchasing an Eloquencer, I recently sold my Digitone which had a very similar 'Keyboard' layout I became quite accustom to but the ability to change the range (beginning and end) of the keyboard is essential to me. 

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Hi @praiseofpeace !

It is not possible, the only change that is visible in LIVE REC modes is when you activate the scale filtering, the light is more intense for notes within the scale.

Other options are to use a small external keyboard with CV output (I use the Arturia keystep), or, even better, use a MIDI keyboard in conjunction with EME (Eloquencer MIDI Expansion)