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Oscillator as clock source

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Anyone tried this with the Elo? Didn't try myself yet as I am on a visit for new years but will definiteley try when i'm home again.

Really curious if the Elo is able to handle the incoming clocks..


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Hi @daduk,

You can send a non linear clock to the Eloquencer. The Eloquencer is just listening to the CLK input and it just jumps to the next step each time it receives a clock, it doesn't need a equidistant clock to work.

The only 'problem' is that all the time dependent parameters like gate length, or ratcheting will be executed taking the reference of the current and the previous clocks, not the current clock, because it is impossible, I mean there is no sequencer that can read the future and know the time interval between the current clock and the next clock in order to create the gate length of the current event.