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Possibly easy changes to improve usability

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I have written a few notes about things that I think could be improved.

  1. When asked to clear a track a confirmation question is being asked. Pressing the upper buttons (CV, GATE etc..) should be interpreted as the safe default 'no' for this operation, and then automatically jumping to that CV/GATE.. function by default.
  2. The confirmation question for clearing a track is slightly cumbersome. The rotary knob encoder gets reverted to 'yes' if the rotary goes further right, as well it's reverted to 'no' if it goes further left. This may lead to costly errors. For example, I could inadvertently rotate it twice and then I clear the track even if I changed my mind. A better solution might be to interpret all the 'left' steps as highlighting 'yes' and all the right steps to highlight 'no. The same may apply to the project save/load, in which the current implementation becomes particularly dangerous.
  3. Maybe it would be nice to make use of the lower buttons to state 'yes' or 'no' to clearing a track/pattern. For example, step 1 button might be interpreted as 'yes' and step 2 button might be interpreted as 'no'.
  4. When playing a part, it would be very informative to know the sequence number of the pattern (not only the pattern id) that is currently being played. This could be implemented in the 'Pattern:' line after the pattern id, for example, 'Pattern: A4 (7)'
  5. When copying/pasting a track across patterns, TRK LEN is not being pasted, but maybe there was a reason behind this decision.
  6. When asking if you are sure to delete the part, a reminder should be displayed on which part is being deleted (part id). For example: 'Are you sure you want to delete the PART A3 ??'
  7. In copying a track, it's more practical if the mask on which aspects to copy (CV/GATE etc..) is being kept when copying something different instead of being reset to select always all aspects. For example, I need to copy and paste a track into another and need to repeat this operation many times; what I don't want to preserve, in this example, is ratcheting, and with the current implementation I have to deselect RATCHET every time I copy.

I hope it's not too much, haha.



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Many thanks for the feedback Francesco !

We will note all your suggestion and feedback! I can't assure we will implement everything but we have note it to be discuss in the next road map meeting.

Thanks !