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Greetings from sunny Southern California,

I use the “shift+Ratchet+track” shortcut for muting tracks all the time.

Is there any way to implement this other “shift+...” shortcuts?

  1. Shift + Gate (no hold) = toggle between pattern & gate mode 
  2. Shift + CV (no hold) = toggle between pattern & CV mode

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Hi @uncledeck !

We will take your suggestions in consideration. We left this shortcuts free in case of a future need, but haven't decided yet what to put there.

As a currently working solution you have the possibility to use the EME (Eloquencer MIDI expansion). This Eloquencer expansion module has four custom buttons that you can customize with your preferred functionalities. For example you can assign 'PATTERN mode' to one of the buttons so you can have a direct access to PATTERN mode just with one press. You have other functionalities related with pattern that can help to navigate through patterns like 'next/previous pattern' or 'next/previous part'.

You can find more information about it in one of the EME video series.