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Track shifting via CV1 not resetting when removing cable

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I set track shifting as destination of CV1, then connect a cable with some random CV and shift happens in the selected tracks as expected. However when I disconnect the cable the pattern kind of just freezes where it is at the point when I disconnect (the manual says it reverts since its a CV offset relative to current position of track). What am I missing here? As it is now I can't use it live because it screws up my entire sequence lol.


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Hi @carnalex

Which FW version do you have?

Which is your CV in range configuration ? You should check that the hardware configuration (the two rear switches) match the software configuration ( FUNC  + OPTIONS (hold) > CV 1/2 assign > CV in range : 0/10V  // -5/5V).

If you are using the -5/5V configuration (in both HW and SW) make sure that the zero gap tuning is done. FUNC + OPTIONS (Hold) > Tune > Zero Gap tune (and then follow the instructions on the screen).