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CV Gate Link

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I see this in the Twister template and in the EME manual but can't figure out what it is or what it does.

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It de-ataches CV from gate. It has de same effect as going FUNC  + CV Gate link, and de-activate the tracks.
For example, you have the following sequence:

STEP     1-active     2-inactive     3-inactive     4-inactive      5-active      6-inactive
CV            C1             D1                E1               G1                 A1             B

If CV and gate are linked CV will only change on step 1 and 5 because those steps are active.
If CV and Gate are un-linked, CV is no dependent to the active step to it will change in all the steps.
It is a common use when, for example, you are using the gate output to control a drum module, and you are not using the CV output, so if you un-link that track you still can use this CV output to modulate any other thing.