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Eloquencer Locks-up during various common use cases while receiving (any form of) MIDI data

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I've had my Eloquencer/EME for a few months now and I've noticed issues with it locking-up in the middle of playing, most notably when the EME is connected and receiving MIDI data.

Firmware Version:

(Both Modules bought brand new from Perfect Circuit)

Common causes include (any of the following):

  1. Manually changing patterns (generally when close to the end/start of a pattern)
  2. Using the Function Key to get into special modes (i.e. Mute, but any FUNC+mode can cause the lock-up, randomly)
  3. Step Editing (while playing)

Things that happen:

  • Eloquencer stops playing/freezes.
  • the function light turns a strange orange/green.
  • or the clock goes wack and everything is then out of sync.

Things I need to do to resolve it:

  • Sometimes if I push the DATA button, it will recover
    • It doesn't always recover though, or it recovers but is then out of sync.
  • Sometimes simply switching from pattern mode to CV or Gate mode will get it to recover
  • Usually I need to stop everything, do one of the 2 resolution (above), but it then stays in an unstable 'panic' mode during performance until I power-cycle my entire rack. (quite frustrating)

I don't really have this happen if the Eloquencer is not sending/receiving MIDI data, but it happens quite often when (any) midi data is being sent/received, even if just MIDI Clock. This is obviously frustrating if I'm playing live/improv.

Things I've done to optimize MIDI settings and try to minimize conditions that cause it:

  • Disable all MIDI IN routing
  • Disable all MIDI OUT routing
  • Set my btn 3 to pattern mode (to avoid the FUNC+Pattern combo crash)
  • Set btn 4 to project mode (also to avoid the FUNC+project combo so I can save projects as needed and avoid losing changes between saves due to these lock-ups).
  • Set AUX to Gate instead of 'trigg reset on stop'.
  • Ensure that whatever device I have plugged in to MIDI IN is ONLY sending MIDI clock (to avoid excessive overload of CC/transport data that I would assume make this issue worse/more frequent)

To narrow-it-down to being EME-centric, I tested:

  • All of the usual causes without any MIDI cables connected. 
  • Detached the EME all together and tested the usual cases I listed.

Again, it seems fine if no midi is being sent/received, or if EME is disconnected entirely.

I am almost willing to make a video to show these cases as they are very consistent, and overall frustrating. I'd rather avoid that and just describe my SQA Analysis here (lol). 

I love the module, but it is beginning to get too frequent that I am losing patience and confidence. The AUX (as a reset-out) also has some issues and that is equally as frustrating/disappointing.

Any suggestions on what I can do in the config/settings that may be causing all of this would be MUCH appreciated.

Thank you,


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Any response would be appreciated, even if it's to tell me that I'm doing everything wrong! lol =)

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Hi @x0d 

Sorry for the silence.

This is not the desired/expected behaviour at all, I'm not sure this is a SW issue it seems more related with HW.

Could you please send us an email to support(a)winter-modular.com and we will try to find a solution for that (apparently) HW issue.

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