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eme midi out bridge dato from the usb hub  

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hell0 wm!

i'm planning on buying the eme the only doubt i got is that if it would be possible for me, from a usb keyboard connected to eme send directly data to the midi dyn out of eme, some note on off msgs to other equipment so i wouldn't have to use it only as midi clock output for other synths or the eloquencer "free play keyboard" to output midi notes rather as a bridge usb midi in to dyn midi out


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Hi @jjad3ll !

There is a workaround you can do solve this need.

You should go to FUNC + MIDI (hold) > MIDI OUT and choose a Track, MIDI channel, and type of message (voice / note).

Then you should go toto FUNC + MIDI (hold) > MIDI IN > MIDI IN ROUTE and choose the same track you have chosen in MIDI OUT and then the MIDI channel of the keyboard.

This way you 'lose' a track but you can redirect the incoming MIDI messages from one Channel, to the DIN5 output as a different (or the same) channel.