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quick switching between sequence / live midi keyboard?

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looking to switch between using my master midi keyboard (using DIN via my 19in midi interface) and the programmed sequence during live sets.

only way I can work out is to menu dive.

shift select bottom button of eme to open menu > select midi in > set channel instead of "none" on the track to play midi keyboard.

set it back to "none" so it then plays the sequence again.

is it possible by a midi cc toggle?

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Hi @rickdawson !

There is no CC to directly configure this.

I think you can get a similar behaviour using LIVE REC > FREE PLAY. You map track X to MIDI out X with MIDI OUT, and then you go to free play, as long as you stay in FREE PLAY the keyboard MIDI messages will be sent  to MIDI OUT X, if you leave FREE PLAY the sequence will be playing. You can acces FREE PLAY MODE using a CC